With any of our Day Trips, you will find a journey for everyone!  If there is a trip you would like to take that is not listed, please feel free to contact us (click on the "contact us" tab).

"Do" the Outdoors

Start your day off on a brisk walk, through any of the beautiful nature trails, in Clay County.  Once your have warmed up for the day, embrace the river with a canoe ride.  Since canoeing may not be for everyone, spend your time relaxing!  With many great parks and water front areas, there is sure to be the perfect tranquil spot for you!  Once your hunger hits, be sure to experience one of Clay County's many restaurants.  Once you have been rejuvenated with a tasty lunch, let Clay County be your fishing guide.  With numerous great fishing areas, the fish are sure to be biting! If fishing is not your favorite pastime, take a tour through the many prairies at the Prairie Flower!  When the sun starts setting in Clay County, we still enjoy the outdoors!  Whether you have a campfire at Scharnberg Park, sit by the river, or just enjoy the scenery, Clay County is always a true beauty!  

Come Stay Awhile...

"Do" the History

With the beauty of Peterson, Iowa, so breathtaking, take some time to soak in nature's finest treasures.  Visit the first frame dwelling in Peterson and Clay County, which is known as the "Christian Kirchner Home".  To achieve a fascinating glimpse of how farming was once done, take a trip through the Kirchner Farm Museum.  One of the first frame country schoolhouses built in Clay, is the Rock Forest School.  The schoolhouse gives visitors a sense of how classes were taught.  Make your way to the J.A. (Gust) Kirchner House, which is a "must see", for those historians.  Also, the Philip Kirchner Cabin is a historic landmark still standing, on the original site.  Lastly, constructed by troops during the Civil War, visit the Fort Peterson Blockhouse.  It was initially a string of forts but is now solo.  Our history is not just a tale of the past but a story of how the present came to be!

We not only do it well here - we do it right!

"Do" a Girl's Day

In Clay County, girls know how to have fun!  To get the perfect start to your day, grab your favorite Starbucks beverage, from the Dream Center, on Grand Avenue, in Spencer, and get  your shopping shoes on (no one likes blisters)!  Now that you're energized, "Do" shopping!  Shop the one and only Grand Avenue that encompasses true beauty in itself, as well as, being home to many unique stores.  Once you've finished your downtown shopping experience be sure and give your heels a rest, while breaking for some lunch!  With an amazing selection of quality restaurants, you will not leave Clay feeling an ounce of hunger.  After a ravishing lunch, head over to Spencer's SouthPark Mall.  The mall is home to many well-known chain stores, as well as, some local treasures.  Once your car is full of shopping bags and there is no more room to shop, head over to one of our quality salons, for some pampering.  Since it has been a tough day full of shopping, dining, and now pampering, you deserve to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!  Check out one of the fine entertainment options that Spencer has to offer! 

Fun is what we do, sites are what we have, and memories are what we make!

"Do" the Culture

What does culture mean to you?  In Clay County, we do culture every day.  Let us take you along for the journey.  To start off a day full of culture, begin at Bogenrief's Glass Blowing Studios.  Whether you are the observer or the learner, you will be in awe of the beautiful hand blown creations.  Once you have experienced the glass blowing phenomenon, head on over to Wild Wood, and experience what wood turning is all about.  Be ready to get some shavings on your shoes!  After a bit of "hands on" experience, take a break for lunch.  With a plethora of quality restaurants, take your pick!  Once you have satisfied your hunger, head over to Arts on Grand.  Since you have been interactive all day, now, take the back seat and enjoy the art.  With a vast array of art, Arts on Grand will have you wanting more.  To wrap up a day of culture in Clay, Parker Museum is your final destination.  Step back into time, and embrace the history that Parker has to offer.

DO the Culture

Seek out the best in cultural opportunities in Spencer and Clay County!

Stops include Bogenrief Studios, Arts on Grand, Clay County Heritage Center, and the Spencer Public Library.

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DO the Outdoors

Enjoy the best of the outdoors in Clay County!
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DO the History

Clay County has an interesting history... learn all about the first settlement and its attractions!
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Experience Peterson

Peterson is a historical small community in Clay County.  It is located along Hwy. 10 and the Glacial Trail Scenic Byway - in the southwest corner of Clay County. 

This trip includes stops at the Prairie Heritage Center, Peterson's historic Main Street, and Clay County's only winery.
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DO a Girl's Day

Sometimes we all need a day with the girls.  Spencer offers some great opportunities to pamper yourself and enjoy time with friends and family.

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