Films for the Cinematically Disadvantaged

Monday - February 20, 2017 at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
For more than 20 Years Arts on Grand and Carey's Electronics
have been presenting for your viewing pleasure,
"Films for the Cinematically Disadvantaged"
Patrons pay a freewill offering to enjoy popcorn and a hot beverage
and a trip to another time and culture. 

The 2017 Series Includes the following selections:

Monday, February 20:
Internal Affairs (China 2004) Veteran cop Chan Wing Yan goes 
undercover to expose the detective who's been leaking information 
to the criminal underworld.  Unaware of each other's identity, the 
two men soon find themselves locked in a dangerous game of 
cat and mouse.
Monday, February 27: 
Tracks (Australia 2014)  Mia Wasikowska is affecting as adventurer
Robyn Davidson, who crossed the Australian desert alone and on foot
in 1977.  Drawn from Davidson's memoir, this drama depicts her
ardous journey and explores her reasons for undertaking it.

Monday, March 13: 
My Afternoon with Margueritte (France 2010)  An illiterate handyman
named Germain befriends Margueritte, a highly educated 95 year old
woman.  The two could not be more different, with the oafish Germain
bewildered by the literature that gives Margueritte such pleasure.  
Slowly the two form and unusual and intense bond, leading them to a
greater understanding of their place in the world and in each other's

Monday, March 20: 
The Conformist (Italy 1970)  In this thought-provoking drama set in
1930's fascist Italy, the government orders Marcello to kill a political
refugee who happens to be his college mentor.  Marcello obeys and is
hence "the Conformist" a man who will do anything to belong.

Monday, March 27: 
A Man Called Ove  (Sweden, 2016)  Despite be deposed as president of
his condo's resident association, 59 year old misanthrope Ove continues
to plague his neighbors with dictatorial demands.  But when Ove's new
neighbor runs over his mailbox, the old crank finds he's met his match.  
Based on the novel by Fredrik Backman, the story has been a big hit
with book clubs in the area, so it will be fun to see the story on film.